TrimPack-II Trim Winder

We were unable to obtain a trim winder in the marketplace that met with all of our converting requirements. So we decided to develop, engineer and manufacture our own TRIM WINDERS for use in extrusion, slitting and pouch making applications.

trimwinderWe required a compact, portable machine that provided Operators with the features that they wanted and that was easy to use. One of the things that we noticed was that when we ran thick films on our extruder the film would get jammed in the trim removal system and cause wrap ups.

The TrimPack-II has eliminated this problem.


The Best Trim Winder Available On The Market* The Most Versatile Winder Ever* Can Handle Multiple Thickness With No Effort* The TrimPack-II Trim Winder does not require any compressed air or counter balance weights It has been thoroughly tested on extruders, slitters, bag machines and presses

Produces a compact roll of 22" (558mm) wide and 16" (406mm) in diameter saving valuable floor space

Click here to view a video of the TrimPack-II in action

The TrimPack-II can help you get control of your trim with little effort and plenty of rewards.

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